"Wear the shield of music and get ready for the battle. Let the power of music make you win."
An acoustic band competition to showcase your musicality.

• There should be at least 4 members, maximum 10 members.
• Five-piece standard drum set will be provided.

• There should be at least 2 acoustic instruments.
• Keyboard should have a piano tone or an electric piano tone.

• For electric guitars, clean tones/acoustic tones with the help of processors can be used.

• Distorted/ overdrive tones is not permitted, usage of such tones will lead to disqualification.
• Band must be purely acoustic genre.
• Provision for connecting bass, lead and acoustic guitars will be provided.
• The maximum performance time is 10 mins, 5 mins time for setup will be provided.
• Judgment will be on the basis of melody, rhythm, beat, performance and interaction with audience. (Own composition songs have extra mark).
• Participants must strictly be engineering students.

Registration fee: Rs.500/- per band

Date:14 Feb, 2020

First Prize:25k

Second Prize:10k

For more details, contact:

▪ Reuben Mathew Manoj: 8138820134

▪ Rahul Joshua Sam: 9745506211

▪ Aneena Biju: 90744 05627