"Music often tells you everything is okay, while rock music tells you that it's not okay, but you can change it"
Rock Band gives out the grandest stage and platform to outshine and show your band's skills
This is a stage for the bands from different backgrounds who gives in their best. The live performance and quality of the music are evaluated and rewarded.

▪ There should be at least 4 members, maximum 10 members.
▪ Five-piece standard drum set will be provided.

▪ Provision for connecting bass, lead and acoustic guitars will be provided.
▪ The maximum performance time is 10 mins, 5 mins time for setup will be provided.

▪ Judgment will be on the basis of melody, rhythm, beat, performance and interaction with audience. (Own composition songs have extra marks).

▪ Participants must strictly be engineering students.

Registration fee: Rs.500/- per band.

Date:14 Feb, 2020

First Prize:25k

Second Prize:10k

For more details, contact:

▪ Robin Mathew: 8111818090

▪ Shelba Binu Alex: 9495290660

▪ Joji John: 9744255576