"Relationships are like Electric circuits! Wrong connection will fuse your life ,While the right connection will light up your life"- The Apocrypha .

▪ A Group should contain only two pupils.
▪ Grab along a pen along with your College ID card (Don't forget!!).

▪ All the needed components required for the wiring of the circuit will be provided for the participants.
▪ Evaluation will be based on their fastest pace in lighting the given circuit .Time matters!!

▪ KTU activity points and certificate assured

▪ The event consist of 4 rounds
▪ Preliminary rounds will be conducted in which one group consist of 2 members
▪ The second round includes the identification of electronic components!!💡
▪ The third round is to identify the specifications of the components in the motherboard
▪ The groups which clear all the three rounds can enter the final round
▪ In the final round, we provide the selected groups with a circuit and your task is you light up the circuit💡.

Registration fee: Rs. 100/- per team

Date:15 Feb, 2020

First Prize:3k

Second Prize:1k

For more details, Contact:  
▪ Sharon Paul:+919496909628

▪ Sona Saji (S6 CE) : +917356740425

▪ Anugrah I Varghese (S6 ME) :+918547752748