A wonderful chance to play football “THE BEAUTIFUL GAME” with your hands Show off your skills, Score some screamers, Score top bins, Humiliate your opponent.

▪ To make things interesting contestants will be allowed to choose a team only through lot in the first stages.
▪ If through lot, 2 contestants get the same team, a second lot will be given to make sure the teams selected are different.

▪ Each match will have a half time of 6 minutes.
▪ The game will take place on knockout basis. The winners proceed on to the next round.

▪ Contestants will be allowed to choose their favourite teams only from the quarter finals.

Registration fee:Rs.50/- per head

Date:15th Feb, 2020

First Prize:4k

Second Prize:1k

For more details, contact:

▪ Kiran ( S5 CS) :98479 47155

▪ Ajmal (S5 CE) :75102 50738

▪ Nithin (S5 ME) :89211 90450