Do you have the habit of dismantling everything that gets to your hand? Well , do you know that it's a highly required skill for an engineer? A platform to showcase your skill in assembling and disassembling quickly.

▪ A team of 2 members is to be made.
▪ Each team will be given a preliminary test based on engine related quiz.

▪ The teams which pass the test will be selected for 2nd round.
▪ Each team will have to assemble a disassembled engine provided to them.

▪ Time taken by each team will be noted.

▪ Prizes are awarded to the teams which took the least time to assemble in the best possible fit.
Team consists of only 2 members.
Participants must bring a pen along with them.

Registration fee:Rs.100/- per team.

Date:14 Feb, 2020

First Prize:4k

Second Prize:2k

For more details, contact:

▪ Shyam Dev P(S5 ME) : 9074403072

▪ Jeffin Jomy(S5 CHE) :9605725981

▪ Ashvin K Antony( S5 CE) :9744935381