Showcase your skills in football but it's in dark.

▪ The match will be held within a dark room and played with 2 teams.
▪ One team consisting of 2 members.

▪ Players will be given a lighting material to see in the dark.
▪ No high shots are allowed, if any member in a team kicks the ball above chest height the opponent team will be rewarded with a penalty kick.

▪ The time of play will be 10 minutes (5+5).

▪ Players should play with barefoot.
▪ Matches will be on a knockout basis.

Registration fee:Rs.100/- per team

Date:14,15th Feb, 2020

First Prize:5k

Second Prize:2k

For more details, contact:

▪ Sebastian Jose(S6 FT) :7560847221

▪ Akash S Sushi(S6 CS) : 9567661277

▪ Gautham R Nath(S6 ME) : 7025799642