Have you ever been fascinated in watching crime scenes, ever thought about being a Detective Ever thought about walking through web of conspiracies , facing mysterious circumstances and killing your curiosity cat?
Use your skills and solve what’s in front of you

▪ An investigation team of two members will be required.
▪ The use of electronics gadgets will be strictly prohibited.

▪ There will be 3 rounds and decision of the judges will be final.
▪ KTU activity points and certificates will be provided.

Registration fee:Rs.100/- per team ( 2 members)

Date:14 Feb, 2020

First Prize:4k

Second Prize:2k

For more details, contact:

▪ Chinnu Kuruvilla[ECE] :8589862833

▪ Arya Nair [AEE] : 9744520914

▪ Sona Asim [EEE] :790260762019