Want to learn more about computers? Try building your own

▪ Each team should consist of 2 members
▪ The parts that are to be assembled will be provided to the respective groups.

▪ The participants should be aware of the components of the CPU and should be able to explain about the same when asked.
▪ 20 minutes will be given to each group for the completion, after which there will be negative markings.

▪ Mobile phones are strictly prohibited at the time of the competition and anyone who is found using the same will be disqualified.

Registration fee:Rs100 per team

Date:14 Feb, 2020

First Prize:2k

Second Prize:1k

For more details, contact:

▪ Nandhu J: 7356928765

▪ Athira Krishanan: 9496804647

▪ Anakha P Kumar: 8281655386