"Spread the news of Nakshatra 2020".
Are you the news bureous of your college?
Are you the notice board of your college?
Then become the Ambassador of the prestigious "Nakshatra 2020" by Saintgits college of engineering kottayam.

•Register for campus ambassador event and get your precious " referral code ".
• Campus ambassador registration starts 10 days prior to other registration,i.e immediately after the launch of the website.

• Number of people registered using your referral code will be counted and given prizes.
• In addition to this you have to follow Nakshatra 2020 official instagram page and post updates of Nakshatra tagging(stories too) Nakshatra 2020

Registration fee: Rs.50/-

First Prize:5K

Second Prize:1k for 5 persons

For more details, contact:

Tomin Jose :9495643731

Jomin Liju :7593057697

Angel LeahThomas :8078022895