Visualize your ideas and Model your dreams Be ready to showcase your skills in drawing and add little tech mind in advanced drawing software to re-define the mechanical world.

▪ Students from any branch can participate.
▪ You will be provided Solidworks 2009.

▪ Contestants will be given a 2D drawing or an assembly drawing and the contestants have to reproduce it's 3D assembly Model.
▪ Max of 1hr is given to all contestants. The First two contestant who finishes the drawing first within the given time frame will be awarded.

▪ According to the number of contestants , preliminary rounds will be conducted.

Registration fee: Rs.50/-

Date:14th Feb, 2020

First Prize:2k

Second Prize:1k

For more details, contact:

▪ Chris George(S6 ME) : 9496947841

▪ Arya Raju ( S6 CE) :97460 06607

▪ Emiya Eldhose(S6 CH) :7594941195