Rise from the darkness and shine bright with your coding skills. Be blind and be smart. A program with errors will be given to the contestants. Contestants are expected to correct those errors and obtain output. The monitor will be switched off for the whole time .

▪ This is an individual event where your skills lie in your typing speed and coding knowledge.

▪ Participants will be provided with a simple C++ code snippet riddled with common syntactical errors and they have to correct these errors and obtain output in the shortest time possible.
▪ Evaluation would be based on accuracy and perfection.

Registration fee: Rs.60/- per head.

Date:15th Feb, 2020

First Prize:2k

Second Prize:1k

For more details, contact:

▪Sandeep Sajan (S5 CS) :+918078165579

▪Dencil Philip Mathews (S5 ME) :+918848221504

▪K Sanju Krishnan (S5 EEE) :+917561095939