If you have a potential in singing be a sure participant for the best singer competition Nk20

• Karaoke is only necessary in the semi-finals and finals
• Malayalam, Tamil,   Hindi songs are only allowed

Song of your choice
• Time Limit:1 minute
• No editing and mixing is allowed in the video or audio
• Karaoke is not allowed
• Either one instrument accompaniment or Shruti Box will be allowed
• Submit your Singing Videos/Audios to Any of the three numbers given below through WhatsApp OR through email: with "Best Singer Contest" as the Subject.
• 10 videos/audios will be selected and notified through a post on @nakshatra.20 and also contacted through phone
• Final Date of submission:Feb 10
• Results will be announced on Feb 12th
• Only the selected 10 candidates will have to pay an amount of ₹150/- for the registration to participate in the semi-finals.


A semi-classical song of your choice
• Time limit: 6 minutes
• 4 candidates will be selected to the final round

Finals - 2 rounds
▪ Round 1

• Melody song of your choice.
• Participants can chose a melody song in the above mentioned 3 languages.
• Time limit: 6 minutes

▪ Round 2

• Fast beat song of your choice.
• Time limit: 6 minutes

After the first and second round, 2 winners will be chosen by the judging panel

Registration fee:Rs.150/- per head

Date:14th Feb, 2020

Prizes worth 10k

For more details, Contact:  
▪Ansu Jose : 9656044787

▪Ashish Hari S :7034960653

▪Ashwin Thomas Mathew :7994602022