3 x 3 Football

Do you want to take it to the next level? Then get ready to show the world your talent!

Rules and Regulations;

•Maximum number of teams from a college is three.
•Maximum number of participants per team is 4 including rolling substitution.

•Maximum time limit is 8 minutes (4+4).
•Substitution can be made when ball is in dead situation.

•Players are not allowed to shoot the ball towards the upper portion of the body. Those who get warning twice in row will not allowed to play for next 30 seconds.

•Direct kicks towards the goal post is considered as goal.
•Out kicks are taken by foot.
• Players are not allowed to stand inside the penalty area for 10 seconds.
•Only captains are allowed to contact the committee for queries and complaints
•Referees decision is final.

Registration fee: Rs.100/- per team

Date:14,15th Feb, 2020

First Prize:5k

Second Prize:2k

For more details, contact:

▪ Amal V Kumar: 7356527376

▪ Anas Bin Salahudheen :7559962767

▪ Amal Sasikumar :9496170518